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What’s my style?

This Domino book advises me to try to apply some labels to my style. I feel like I’ve spent most of my adult life in school and on a low budget, so I often eschewed style for functionality. I’m still very compelled by functionality, but over the past 5 years, have tried to focus on the longevity and appearance of our home wears. I like reusing and re-purposing items. One of the things that I really likes about my parents’ home growing up was that my friends often said that they instantly felt at home there. It was comfortable, without a lot of “off limits” spaces. There were no white couches or rugs. If you spilled something, it wasn’t irreparable. The house felt very lived in.

So, in looking around my home and my closet and other things that I find attractive or interesting, here are a few words I might attach to my developing style:

Granny Chic

One of the things that I like is mixing modern with more traditional styles, but I tend to err on the side of traditional. One of the things that I’m realizing is that in living with a man who is very conservative in his style (opting for the most boring, most bland option) that I have not been as adventurous as I would be were I out decorating a place on my own. Fortunately, my husband recently admitted to me that he trusts me to make these kinds of decisions because even when I pick a wall color that he thinks will be awful, he ends up liking it. So, whew! I’m going to take that as a blank check to be a little more unconventional and dramatic with my design choices.

I’m trying to lean towards more “green” choices (my re-purposing kick always helps), but I simply can’t afford to go crazy with it. Mostly, I plan to focus on finding reuseable items and them investing in a few nice pieces.


Kitchen Flood

In July 2007, two days after my husband and I bought our first house, it flooded – thanks to a handyman who damaged a valve when replacing the faucet. I spent the first day in the house putting everything away in the kitchen only to have to re-box it all the next day. It was a three month saga that left us kitchenless and *gasp* eating out for almost every meal. We tried to continue to eat healthy during the remodel, but it was so difficult.

Here’s the original kitchen (while being cleaned by the previous owners):

Original Kitchen

The day after the flood, our insurance company sent out a demolition/water extraction crew to gut the room and dry it to prevent mold and mildew from taking over:

While remodeling, we found the original eighty year old hard wood floors under two layers of linoleum! We had them refinished and they look gorgeous. I can’t believe that anyone ever covered them up. Our insurance company and contractor were great. The process wasn’t stress-less by any means, but not having to come up with the money ourselves was a major stress reducer. We redesigned the layout slightly and are really happy with the results.

As soon as the plumbing was installed (the last step), I entered cooking heaven. There is nothing like cooking your own food…

It was done just in time for Thanksgiving, so I had the opportunity to cook my first Turkey. It was really exciting and fun to cook a big meal for our family.