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Corn Bunting has begun

My DH’s parents both grew up on farms and so when I was searching on Ravelry for bunting patterns, I thought this one would be fantastic, not to mention funny. I’m making the 3-6 month size so that it’s wear will coincide with Halloween and harvest time.

I’m knitting it out of Berroco Comfort in:

Lovage                                        Buttercup

Unfortunately, the gauge wasn’t working out because this yarn is worsted, rather than sport weight. So, I just adjusted the pattern instead. I’m also adding a hole in the back for a car seat strap to go through. In the front, it will just go through the snaps.

I hope my baby is as cute as the one in this picture!


Christmas Stocking for My Godson

Back in November, my cousin asked me to knit a Christmas stocking for her son [my godson].

I started knitting the day before Thanksgiving and was done by the following Wednesday. It knit up far faster than I thought it would (thank goodness!). I ended up designing it myself, including the tree motif (Ravelry link) from Handknit Holidays Evergreen Gift Bag. I knitted it top down with a short row heel. I think I included too many short rows though because the heel just seems too big. I have been considering sewing it up to be a bit smaller… Maybe that’s overkill.

All that’s left to do is sew the hanging loop to the top of the sock and a bell to the toe. I’m planning to send it off to Iowa on Monday!

[I’ll post pictures soon!]

Christmas Stocking Challenge

A request has been made for a Christmas stocking for a certain baby for his first Christmas.

“With enough notice, could [Baby R’s] godmother be convinced to knit a Christmas stocking for him that he’ll have for the rest of his life?  I have one that Aunt Mi made me and it would be cool to have one for [my son] too.”

She’d like it to be about the same size as hers (14.5 inches from opening to heel, 10 inches from heel to toe). Other than that, she wants it to be made by me, no other strings attached.

Here’s her stocking:

Right now, I’m favoring using the Classic Stocking pattern from Holiday Knits:

It’s a very simple red and white stocking, much like Jenn’s. I would alter the top to be able to add Baby R’s name. I am going to look around for possible embelishments for the stocking too. Either that or I’ll keep the fuzzy top of the stocking and put an embelishment on one side of the stocking and his initials on the other. I’ll figure it out as I go, as usual.

More Pumpkin Hat Pictures

My cousin just sent me some more photos of her adorable baby boy in the pumpkin hat I made for him. I must admit that I am very proud of this cute little hat. My cousin says all of her friends are disappointed that they can’t get one just like it. I love that my cousin loves the gift. I love that it’s handmade for my beautiful little second cousin. And I love that there are adorable photos of him being adorable in it.

Seriously, his little baby eyes remind me of Puss’n’Boots in the Shrek movie. How will anyone ever be able to tell him “no”??

This is a really good one of the top of the hat. I love how it swirls into the stem!

Baby Presents

Both my cousin and my husband’s cousin had babies in August!

I love the Ann Norling Fruit Hat and decided to make gifts for the babies that would last through the fall when it starts to cool down. Fortunately, these hats knit up very quickly so I was able to make them in record time (even while in the midst of finals, boards, and surgery). (I used Annie Blatt yarn that I bought at Chix with Stix in Forest Park, IL)

Here’s a pictures of one of the precious babies with her hat on:

Another present was a sign for my cousin’s baby boy’s room. She’s very has a very country/down home style and I wanted to make something that would fit in with that. In my husband’s home town, there’s a coffee shop called Cabin Coffee that has a very cowboy feel to it. They sell all sorts of cowboy kitch and the like – iron stars, witty cowboy wisdom signs, etc. Last year, I spotted an adorable sign that said “Little Buckaroo” and decided then and there that I would get it for her when she had a baby.  When she got pregnant, I went back to buy it and found that the simple piece of painted wood retailed for over $30. I figured I could make it for less.

I had some left over paint from painting my desk. My husband found some beat up wood in our garage. He cut it to size and painted it light green for me. I went back when it was dry and added the words to it. I then stapled some wire to the back to hang it from the wall.

My cousin loved the sign and the hat! I can’t wait to see it in his room!


A friend gave me a Chix with Stix gift certificate for my birthday. I’ve been pretty busy, so I hadn’t spent it. However, over Labor Day weekend, I treated myself to some new yarn for a quick, instant gratification project: Boogie from Knitty. I am not a fan of wool (itchy itchy…), so I bought some Misti Alpaca Chunky in a deep, chocolaty brown. It’s knitting up lovelier and softer than expected. I’m currently about half way done with the back (it’s amazing what size 10 needles and one 2 hour movie can help me accomplish).

Since I’m in the hospital every day now, that means I have to dress up every day. This vest should be a tidy addition to all the button down shirts I’ve been wearing. I’m hoping to finish it over my break if not sooner.

Stash Yarn Displayed

Pretty yarn… So many projects ahead of me!

Hmmm… plus a random Jaywalker picture!