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Four More Years in Chicago

Yesterday was the National Residency Match Day (always the 3rd Thursday in March) and I successfully matched at my top choice program – Loyola University Chicago’s Anesthesia Program! I’m so lucky to not only be training at such a great program, but also to keep my home nearby, for my husband to keep his steady job, and to be able to move forward with preparations for our next big adventure (our Baby Girl due in June).

As an added bonus, several of my classmates also matched at Loyola and I’m looking forward to spending a lot more time with them! They are all wonderful people who I’m looking forward to working with.


Toadstool Rattles are too cute

I’ve been eying the Purl Soho/Purl Bee Toadstool Rattles for a long time and now I have an excuse to make a few! Plus, a friend of mine said she’d be willing to part with some sock yarn scraps, so I’m hoping that I can make ones that are extra psychedelic looking.

I’ll make sure to post once I get them cast on.

What’s my style?

This Domino book advises me to try to apply some labels to my style. I feel like I’ve spent most of my adult life in school and on a low budget, so I often eschewed style for functionality. I’m still very compelled by functionality, but over the past 5 years, have tried to focus on the longevity and appearance of our home wears. I like reusing and re-purposing items. One of the things that I really likes about my parents’ home growing up was that my friends often said that they instantly felt at home there. It was comfortable, without a lot of “off limits” spaces. There were no white couches or rugs. If you spilled something, it wasn’t irreparable. The house felt very lived in.

So, in looking around my home and my closet and other things that I find attractive or interesting, here are a few words I might attach to my developing style:

Granny Chic

One of the things that I like is mixing modern with more traditional styles, but I tend to err on the side of traditional. One of the things that I’m realizing is that in living with a man who is very conservative in his style (opting for the most boring, most bland option) that I have not been as adventurous as I would be were I out decorating a place on my own. Fortunately, my husband recently admitted to me that he trusts me to make these kinds of decisions because even when I pick a wall color that he thinks will be awful, he ends up liking it. So, whew! I’m going to take that as a blank check to be a little more unconventional and dramatic with my design choices.

I’m trying to lean towards more “green” choices (my re-purposing kick always helps), but I simply can’t afford to go crazy with it. Mostly, I plan to focus on finding reuseable items and them investing in a few nice pieces.

First baby clothing purchase

I’ve made a point of not purchasing any baby items for a while, but now I’m clearly ramping up. First the yarn, then the campfire light, now the first piece of baby clothing. It was just too precious to pass up. It’s a little Zutano 0-3 month old hat with owls on it! I’m a sucker for wildlife.

I bought it at Majama’s in Oak Park, IL.

Christmas Stocking Challenge

A request has been made for a Christmas stocking for a certain baby for his first Christmas.

“With enough notice, could [Baby R’s] godmother be convinced to knit a Christmas stocking for him that he’ll have for the rest of his life?  I have one that Aunt Mi made me and it would be cool to have one for [my son] too.”

She’d like it to be about the same size as hers (14.5 inches from opening to heel, 10 inches from heel to toe). Other than that, she wants it to be made by me, no other strings attached.

Here’s her stocking:

Right now, I’m favoring using the Classic Stocking pattern from Holiday Knits:

It’s a very simple red and white stocking, much like Jenn’s. I would alter the top to be able to add Baby R’s name. I am going to look around for possible embelishments for the stocking too. Either that or I’ll keep the fuzzy top of the stocking and put an embelishment on one side of the stocking and his initials on the other. I’ll figure it out as I go, as usual.

More Pumpkin Hat Pictures

My cousin just sent me some more photos of her adorable baby boy in the pumpkin hat I made for him. I must admit that I am very proud of this cute little hat. My cousin says all of her friends are disappointed that they can’t get one just like it. I love that my cousin loves the gift. I love that it’s handmade for my beautiful little second cousin. And I love that there are adorable photos of him being adorable in it.

Seriously, his little baby eyes remind me of Puss’n’Boots in the Shrek movie. How will anyone ever be able to tell him “no”??

This is a really good one of the top of the hat. I love how it swirls into the stem!

Medical Student, Heal Thyself

Take Note: this post is graphic. If you’re a person who gets quezy over blood and whatnot, you may not wish to continue.


Yesterday, I gave myself 5 stitches in my foot. It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would when I was doing it. Today, though, my foot really hurts…

Why did I need stitches? Because I was getting into the shower and somehow hit my foot on the bottom of the shower door, slicing a deep flap of skin off. It was really gross looking and bled all over the shower.

I’ll add some pictures later.