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Corn Bunting has begun

My DH’s parents both grew up on farms and so when I was searching on Ravelry for bunting patterns, I thought this one would be fantastic, not to mention funny. I’m making the 3-6 month size so that it’s wear will coincide with Halloween and harvest time.

I’m knitting it out of Berroco Comfort in:

Lovage                                        Buttercup

Unfortunately, the gauge wasn’t working out because this yarn is worsted, rather than sport weight. So, I just adjusted the pattern instead. I’m also adding a hole in the back for a car seat strap to go through. In the front, it will just go through the snaps.

I hope my baby is as cute as the one in this picture!


Nursery Planning – Woodland Decor

Well, there’s a little bundle of joy on the way and I’m starting to think about crafty ways to decorate for the little peanut. Even though we are planning on finding out the sex, I want to stick with green as a basic color and nature/forest/woodland as a theme. If the baby is a girl, I couldn’t bring myself to get all pink-ed out. To each her own, but for this girl: Gross. I was never a girly girl myself and don’t plan on pushing any of my progeny in that direction.

Anyhow, here are some things that I’m hoping to make or purchase or find:

I saw this Acorn Lamp craft on the Martha Stewart show some time ago and thought it looked so whimsical. I thought about making it for our guest room, but never actually got the bug to do it. Now, though, I have a little more motivation!

I like that these use a very low wattage bulb (although with CFLs, I suppose you could go quite a bit brighter) because the acorn looks like it’s glowing when you turn it on. Seems like it could be a good light at night, especially for sleepy, stumbling parents.

I found this room on Oh Dee Oh. It’s is very sparse and while I doubt I will be so restrained in my decorating, I like that it’s not an excessively cutesy space. Too many room ideas I find are way too over the top for my liking. The thing that I really like is the branch above the bed. It has two little fluffy owls perched on it!

I also dig the faux bear skin rug on the floor. It makes me think of a cabin in the woods.

I find terrariums to be so cool and magical. The ones at Green Briar’s Etsy shop are no exception. I envision putting one on a dresser or shelf.

I know that I could make one easily enough, but I’ll have to be on the lookout for cool clear containers like this one is housed in.

Small Constellation MobileI have always been fascinated by Calder’s mobiles and gaze up at them at the Art Institute whenever possible. I like how mobiles look different from various angles and how they sway around, altering their appearance with each movement. This one, found at The Wonderland Studio, looks like a good nursery version.
Birch Tree Decals These birch trees from Single Stone Studios are so statuesque! I think that they would add some height to the room and make it feel more like an intimate space in the forest.
More to come as I continue to nest!

Old Desk is Now New

When MJ and I moved to Chicago, we needed to find me a desk. We scouted some garage sales and found an old wooden desk for $25. It’s by no means perfect – it’s leg area is pretty small, the drawers stick, and it was really, really dark. Since my office at the time was in the basement, it didn’t make it particularly inviting. It served me well my first year, second year I loaned it to my friend, and this year I have it back. It needed a make over really bad and MJ agreed to help me.

I bought a gallon (= way too much) paint at our local Ace Hardware. The girl kind of screwed up the color, but I decided not to complain. It was good enough.

I had to tap off the ugly block drawer pulls that had been veneered to the drawers. Fortunately, it was easier than I thought it would be!

It took 3-4 coats of paint for it to look right. There are so many little imperfections in the wood that the semigloss paint (chosen for it’s cleanability) showed every tiny problem. I like that it looked a little rough, but in some spots it looked bad. Finally, I just got over it (much to MJ’s liking).

MJ helped me pick out some drawer pulls from Home Depot. I picked six for the side drawers and one different one for the central pen drawer.

Christmas Stocking Challenge

A request has been made for a Christmas stocking for a certain baby for his first Christmas.

“With enough notice, could [Baby R’s] godmother be convinced to knit a Christmas stocking for him that he’ll have for the rest of his life?  I have one that Aunt Mi made me and it would be cool to have one for [my son] too.”

She’d like it to be about the same size as hers (14.5 inches from opening to heel, 10 inches from heel to toe). Other than that, she wants it to be made by me, no other strings attached.

Here’s her stocking:

Right now, I’m favoring using the Classic Stocking pattern from Holiday Knits:

It’s a very simple red and white stocking, much like Jenn’s. I would alter the top to be able to add Baby R’s name. I am going to look around for possible embelishments for the stocking too. Either that or I’ll keep the fuzzy top of the stocking and put an embelishment on one side of the stocking and his initials on the other. I’ll figure it out as I go, as usual.

More Pumpkin Hat Pictures

My cousin just sent me some more photos of her adorable baby boy in the pumpkin hat I made for him. I must admit that I am very proud of this cute little hat. My cousin says all of her friends are disappointed that they can’t get one just like it. I love that my cousin loves the gift. I love that it’s handmade for my beautiful little second cousin. And I love that there are adorable photos of him being adorable in it.

Seriously, his little baby eyes remind me of Puss’n’Boots in the Shrek movie. How will anyone ever be able to tell him “no”??

This is a really good one of the top of the hat. I love how it swirls into the stem!

Medical Student, Heal Thyself

Take Note: this post is graphic. If you’re a person who gets quezy over blood and whatnot, you may not wish to continue.


Yesterday, I gave myself 5 stitches in my foot. It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would when I was doing it. Today, though, my foot really hurts…

Why did I need stitches? Because I was getting into the shower and somehow hit my foot on the bottom of the shower door, slicing a deep flap of skin off. It was really gross looking and bled all over the shower.

I’ll add some pictures later.

DIY Shower Curtain

*FYI: This is a picture heavy post.

When we bought our house, it was riddled with some ugly wallpaper. I am not in general opposed to wallpaper, however, with champagne taste, I am opposed to cheap looking paper. Being on a beer budget, in general, I opt for paint. Honestly, I doubt that really nice wallpaper will ever be within my budget.

So, last Thanksgiving, my mom-in-law helped me yank down the offensive strips of 1980s water lily border paper in the bathroom and paint the previously navy room a sunny yellow.She really is a champion. She helped me prime and double coat the room as well. She’s the best!

The yellow freaked me out a bit at first because it came out more sunny than buttery (I had expected a more creamy tone). However, I don’t like re-doing work (or re-purchasing supplies), so I figured I should give it a chance to grow on us before I did anything rash. Plus, it was still better than the water lilies. These pictures aren’t great, but I think they show how much brighter the bathroom became with the new paint color.

Before and After:

I really like shower curtains – but not generally the ones I can find at the store (plus, I tend to think that they are overpriced), so I made my own by altering a gorgeous full sized sheet I bought two years ago from Garnet Hill. I had originally intended to make curtains for our old apartment, but never got around to it. I’m glad that I left it in the fabric stash because I really like how it fits in with the sunny bathroom!

Here’s the finished product:

The bathroom is taking on a bit of a California tone to it. I have one of my grandmother’s antique 1940’s California plates on the wall, my old CA license plate, and a funny “valley girl” inspired card on the walls. I also have a collection of succulent plants in there.