How to search for bioethics literature

If you are looking for ways to access bioethics literature, here are several options that I have found to be useful.

1. Your university/institutional library:
If you are affiliated with a university or other institution that has access to online research tools, then your library will You can search for ethics resources in the same way that you would search for any other resources in Ovid. I usually search for a topic (such as “informed consent” or “access to medicine”) and then also search for “ethics” and map the two together. Most major journals include ethical topics in their scope of interest. Depending on the level of accessibility that your institution provides, you may have full text access to these articles.

4. Project MUSE (“full text, affordable access to current content from prestigious humanities and social sciences journals”)
6. Ethic Share – this search engine for ethics papers was recently launched. It has a great collection of sources. Although it is designed to link into your institution’s library system (I assume so that you could link to full text when available), that feature does not seem to be functioning at this time (at least not for me). I’m guessing that as the system is up longer, this issue will be resolved.
7. HighWire Press (Stanford) – Access to free online full text articles. According to its site “HighWire Press is the largest archive of free full-text science on Earth.” Not all articles are free, but many are, so it’s worth taking a look.
Good luck with your research!

One response to “How to search for bioethics literature

  1. Hi,

    I was just looking to see if there was any buzz about our project, EthicShare, and saw your site. If the full text resolution (library link) isn’t working for you, it should! We have over 400 institutions that it is working for. Let me know your affiliation and we’ll fix it up for you (assuming your university has this service on their end as well).

    My Best,
    Kate McCready
    Project Director, EthicShare

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