Finals are here! Snow is here!

Today is the last day of my psychiatry clerkship, as well as my Justice Ethics class.

Due to the… ah hem… inclement weather, our exams were postponed by 2 hours. Fortunately, I only have to drive three miles to school, so I should be able to make it on time. I just want this exam to be over so I can check off the psychaitry box of life.

The rotation was a good experience for what it was. I am so glad that there are angels out there who are driven by that type of medicine. Mental health is a much bigger problem than many people acknowledge. Knowing all that, I know that it is not the field of medicine for me.

I’m so ready for vacation! I don’t go back to school until January 5! I can’t believe how much time we get off. We’re soooooo lucky!


One response to “Finals are here! Snow is here!

  1. Hi! I was googling usmle step1 schedules and saw yours. How did you come up with one? Do you have the full schedule on your blog?

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