Old Desk is Now New

When MJ and I moved to Chicago, we needed to find me a desk. We scouted some garage sales and found an old wooden desk for $25. It’s by no means perfect – it’s leg area is pretty small, the drawers stick, and it was really, really dark. Since my office at the time was in the basement, it didn’t make it particularly inviting. It served me well my first year, second year I loaned it to my friend, and this year I have it back. It needed a make over really bad and MJ agreed to help me.

I bought a gallon (= way too much) paint at our local Ace Hardware. The girl kind of screwed up the color, but I decided not to complain. It was good enough.

I had to tap off the ugly block drawer pulls that had been veneered to the drawers. Fortunately, it was easier than I thought it would be!

It took 3-4 coats of paint for it to look right. There are so many little imperfections in the wood that the semigloss paint (chosen for it’s cleanability) showed every tiny problem. I like that it looked a little rough, but in some spots it looked bad. Finally, I just got over it (much to MJ’s liking).

MJ helped me pick out some drawer pulls from Home Depot. I picked six for the side drawers and one different one for the central pen drawer.


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