Christmas Stocking for My Godson

Back in November, my cousin asked me to knit a Christmas stocking for her son [my godson].

I started knitting the day before Thanksgiving and was done by the following Wednesday. It knit up far faster than I thought it would (thank goodness!). I ended up designing it myself, including the tree motif (Ravelry link) from Handknit Holidays Evergreen Gift Bag. I knitted it top down with a short row heel. I think I included too many short rows though because the heel just seems too big. I have been considering sewing it up to be a bit smaller… Maybe that’s overkill.

All that’s left to do is sew the hanging loop to the top of the sock and a bell to the toe. I’m planning to send it off to Iowa on Monday!

[I’ll post pictures soon!]


3 responses to “Christmas Stocking for My Godson

  1. No such thing as too big when it comes to a stocking! Just think how much extra stuff might fit in that heel 🙂

  2. Thanks for letting the hubby stay at your cute place! I think he and Scout got some good quality time:) Have a good Christmas! Love the desk makeover!

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