Psych Call Saturday

I’m currently on an 8am Saturday to 8am Sunday call for my psychiatry rotation. So far, I have seen one patient and my partner in crime (another third year medical student) has seen another.

At 8:30am, I went to see a woman with a substance abuse history regarding her suicidal/homocidal ideation, but she was so snowed (likely from the combination of cocaine withdrawal and administration of Ativan) that she couldn’t provide much information. I went back to re-evaluate her at 11:30 and she had a little more to say, but still had to be constantly stimulated in order to stay awake. When my resident went to see her at 4pm, she was much the same.Most likely, she will not be awake enough to discuss her situation coherently for at least another day.

Otherwise, I’m working on my SPPAAM (Students Presenting on Psychiatric Aspects of Medicine) project. I’m covering alcoholism and it’s correlation with traumatic injury.


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