Psychiatry Clerkship Starts Tomorrow… AKA Crazies at Christmas (my clerkship also covers Turkey Day)

I’m not exactly looking forward to this rotation. It’s very slow moving and you don’t do very much. However, since I’m assigned to a consultation service, we have to be there all day to wait with bated breath for someone to become demented or something. On the upside, we will apparently have our own office in which to study, etc. (read = knit). I also have several papers I’d like to finish soon, so I’m planning on using my time for that as well. Who knows, maybe I’ll even blog more. We will see where this crazy train takes us.

I know that my current attitude will not help the situation, but I also know me – this is my way of preparing myself for the worst so that later I can be relieved that my expectations were left unmet. I also know that because I have dealt with person with mental illness many times during my life that I’m not interested in doing it on purpose.


One response to “Psych!

  1. I wonder if there is an increase in the number of people who seek psychiatric treatment around the holidays. I would think so.

    Since you are doing intake does that mean you do preliminary diagnosis. Do you get to test people for various conditions? Bipolar? ADHD? Depression? etc. I heard the tail end of Talk of the Nation yesterday and it was about Girls with ADHD and how it manifests different in them from boys. Very interesting.

    Well, I hope the reason you haven’t posted anything since it started is because it has been better than expected.

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