Christmas Stocking Challenge

A request has been made for a Christmas stocking for a certain baby for his first Christmas.

“With enough notice, could [Baby R’s] godmother be convinced to knit a Christmas stocking for him that he’ll have for the rest of his life?  I have one that Aunt Mi made me and it would be cool to have one for [my son] too.”

She’d like it to be about the same size as hers (14.5 inches from opening to heel, 10 inches from heel to toe). Other than that, she wants it to be made by me, no other strings attached.

Here’s her stocking:

Right now, I’m favoring using the Classic Stocking pattern from Holiday Knits:

It’s a very simple red and white stocking, much like Jenn’s. I would alter the top to be able to add Baby R’s name. I am going to look around for possible embelishments for the stocking too. Either that or I’ll keep the fuzzy top of the stocking and put an embelishment on one side of the stocking and his initials on the other. I’ll figure it out as I go, as usual.


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