DIY Shower Curtain

*FYI: This is a picture heavy post.

When we bought our house, it was riddled with some ugly wallpaper. I am not in general opposed to wallpaper, however, with champagne taste, I am opposed to cheap looking paper. Being on a beer budget, in general, I opt for paint. Honestly, I doubt that really nice wallpaper will ever be within my budget.

So, last Thanksgiving, my mom-in-law helped me yank down the offensive strips of 1980s water lily border paper in the bathroom and paint the previously navy room a sunny yellow.She really is a champion. She helped me prime and double coat the room as well. She’s the best!

The yellow freaked me out a bit at first because it came out more sunny than buttery (I had expected a more creamy tone). However, I don’t like re-doing work (or re-purchasing supplies), so I figured I should give it a chance to grow on us before I did anything rash. Plus, it was still better than the water lilies. These pictures aren’t great, but I think they show how much brighter the bathroom became with the new paint color.

Before and After:

I really like shower curtains – but not generally the ones I can find at the store (plus, I tend to think that they are overpriced), so I made my own by altering a gorgeous full sized sheet I bought two years ago from Garnet Hill. I had originally intended to make curtains for our old apartment, but never got around to it. I’m glad that I left it in the fabric stash because I really like how it fits in with the sunny bathroom!

Here’s the finished product:

The bathroom is taking on a bit of a California tone to it. I have one of my grandmother’s antique 1940’s California plates on the wall, my old CA license plate, and a funny “valley girl” inspired card on the walls. I also have a collection of succulent plants in there.


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