Surgery Clerkship

I had intended to journal throughout my surgery clerkship, but the hours have been so extensive and I have been so tired that I haven’t done so.

That said, 10 weeks into a 12 week rotation: I LOVE surgery. I have had so much fun with it. It has been a great service to start out with. I love to operating room, scrubbing, wound care, cutting, sewing, etc.

More to come later, but it’s been a very positive experience and I hope that I have half as much fun on my future rotations.

I have family medicine next (after a much needed week long vacation, of course). I have signed up to rotate at a Spanish speaking clinic.


One response to “Surgery Clerkship

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you continued to love surgery. Unfortunately, I too have continued in my back pain, and am now in my 7th week at home, I think. My facet injections went well and I’m following them up with nerve block injections next week. I’m also getting a cervical neurotomy this Friday, since the neck pain came back about 6 weeks ago… Hope you enjoy family medicine! Miss you! -M

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