God Bless Kong

So we named the dog Scout. He’s an adorable addition to our house.

Things Scout loves: Running (I take him on 3 mile runs and he asks for more), walking, playing, toys, FOOD, your food, whatever you have, women, your dog, your kid, squirrels, bunnies.

Things Scout does not like: Men (he’s cool with my husband, but doesn’t like men he does know), lawnmowers, trash trucks, large machinery of any kind. He’s not afraid of these things, he just wants to chase them off.

Things that Scout hates with a fiery passion: Skateboarders. No seriously, I thought he was going to give himself an aneurysm the last time we encountered one. If we’re running, he barks at them, but then keeps moving. If he is secured on your friend’s porch while you chat and 4 skateboarders noisily pass you on the street, it’s like he’s Kujo. He almost strangled himself trying to get lose. And without escape, he looked at me angrily because if he can’t do his perceived God-given job to kill the skateboarders, then it’s my fault. I think that I might have to learn how to skateboard again and acculturate him to the sport.

He sleeps a lot in the morning, especially after a nice long run. But by the afternoon, he’s ready to play hard core. Unfortunately, I have to keep studying and can’t just play for hours (If only!). So, yippee for Kong – it combines his two favorite things: toys and food. I’m all about these toys that make food an academic, chewing challenge. He’s often so tired after working so hard that he takes another nap. Plus, it’s nice and durable, so I don’t have to replace it that often. His other toys – yeah, they are only specters of what they once were.


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