Day 1 of USMLE Prep: Countdown to June 5, 2008

My first day of USMLE prep hasn’t gone as planned at all! I was supposed to have a 12 hour day – 8am-8pm. 8 hours of content based studying, 2 hours of test taking, 1 hour of flashcards, and 1 hour break for lunch.

I started my 50 Qbank questions at 8am as planned. I decided to use the “tutoring mode” so that I could go over the answers as I attempted each question. I knew it would be hard to get through all of them, but I only got through 15! The explanations are so in depth and I got carried away. It was very time consuming and I have to decide how to manage it because my day is already 12 hours long and I don’t feel comfortable extending it at either end.

Plus, I didn’t sleep well, and at 9am I was ready to pass out, so I laid down for a 20 minute nap (decided it was worth it to take one of my breaks early). Except my damn timer didn’t chime like it is supposed to. WTF??? I had it right next to my face and it didn’t make a sound. So anyhow, I slept for 1.5 hours. At least I woke up refreshed to learning crap tons of cardiovascular science….

I had planned to study 8 hours of content – 4 respiratory and 4 cardiac. By the end of the day, I had completed nearly 4 hours of respiratory medicine, but probably only 2.5 hours of cardio, so I’ll have to make up the other 1.5 hours I was supposed to study somewhere else. I worked on the Qbank questions for another hour, but only completed another 15.

I gotta get on my game and get all the kinks ironed out of my schedule.


One response to “Day 1 of USMLE Prep: Countdown to June 5, 2008

  1. and apparently buy a new alarm clock 🙂

    Seriously, half the exam is mental, so don’t let the study get the best of you. Be sure you are getting your own cardio in between your study of respiratory and cardio.. working out is a quick way to clear your mind!

    Good Luck

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