More snow????

Seriously, it’s March 21. Why are we getting SIX INCHES of accumulation??? This is well, tiresome.

I was going through my clothes the other day, pulling out a few spring items and it really made me want to wear all my summer items. Alas, my time has not come.

I have three more exams on Monday. I dream of sewing, knitting, playing guitar, cleaning, and the like. Yes, I did just involve cleaning in that list… Such is my life.

Last week was my Physicians for Human Rights Chapter AIDS Week of Action. It was an amazing week – we offered free HIV testing, had 4 amazing speakers (including an amazing performance by Steve Schalchlin), and finished off the week with our annual Student Talent Show Fundraiser. I organized the show, which was tons of work, but incredibly fun. I go to school with some talented people, that’s for sure! Plus, we raised lots of money for Upendo Village and the Howard Brown Clinic.

More later!


One response to “More snow????

  1. that’s so strange, i dream about cleaning too. except i dream about you cleaning my apartment. i’ll pay the airfare?

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