Chicago weather is rediculous

It was about 50 degrees yesterday morning when I went to school. It was about zero when I went home. The windchill was in the negative 20s. I had to cancel plans with friends to battle the snow and drive home in a blizzard.

The snow was so interesting looking. Since it was so cold, the snow was very dry and didn’t stick to the ground much. Instead, it blew around on the ground in unusual patterns, looking like a group of snakes slithering at warp speed across the street.

When my friend, Vid, and I got in her car, we had to scrape ice off the exterior windshield (normal) and the inside of the windshield (absolutely, not normal). It was basically a white out and took us 1.5 hours to drive en miles home.

“The Chicago area is under both a windchill warning and a blowing snow advisory until noon today, as the winds are expected to gradually decrease throughout the day. After highs in the 50s Tuesday afternoon, windchill temperatures dropped to 25 to 35 below zero overnight. In downtown Chicago, temperatures hovered around zero. ”

This is a cool picture from last Thursday:

Gabriel Hadarean walks back from Lake Michigan after taking photographs of the floating blocks of ice on Thursday. (Tribune photo by Antonio Perez / January 24, 2008)

Here’s one from last night:

 Headlights pierce the night as snow blows along south Martin Luther King Drive in Chicago. (Tribune photo by Terrence Antonio James / January 29, 2008)

I wish that this could convey how bitterly cold it was. Maybe for your sake, I don’t.


2 responses to “Chicago weather is rediculous

  1. Sorry sweetie! Now I feel bad about complaining that it’s 50 degrees and raining here… =) That’s an awesome picture of the ice! Hope your tests went well!

  2. The wind-chill sounds awful. Take care and bundle up tightly in your knitware.

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