Big Tests Tomorrow

I have three tests tomorrow in pharmacology (drugs), pathology (diseases), and behavioral medicine (mental illness). This is a bit overwhelming, so I am pleased to say that tomorrow evening, it will be over. Then I can get back to life – like finally picking up my contact lenses, sending off packages, cleaning my house, etc.

For now, however, I must study my brains out.  There are over 50 drugs to learn, but there will only be 14 questions on that exam. There are also hundreds of bacteria, parasites, and helminths (worms), but only three questions on each topic. There are tons of abdominal diseases to remember and symptoms to associate. This is all somewhat disconcerting, but I hope my efforts will pay off.
Also, let me tell you that intestinal worms are gross. I know that that should be intuitive, but believe me, ignorance is bliss, because it is worse than you might think. I’m not even going to post a picture because I don’t want to spoil your next meal. There’s lots of things wrong in America, but God bless our sanitation system. Seriously, the next time you look at your toilet, I want you to thank it for helping to prevent fecal-oral transmission of disease. Then go wash your hands.

(N.B. If you’re into gross stuff, do a Google image search for “ascaris”)

Fun fact: Giardia (which hikers can get from drinking unpurified stream water) is kind of funny because it looks like a face with a mustache:


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