Cat and Bird Scarf

I have a friend who always send me a little handmade gift for Christmas. I had been looking around hoping ot find her something handmade, but not necessarily by me (2007 was a crazy year, to no avail). So, a few days before I left town for the holidays, I decided I would make her something simple, easy to construct, but still special. Well, I’m finally done! I hope she’s a patient girl…

It’s a simple project – two long pieces of fabric (one flannel, one smooth cotton) with two cute cut outs attached with Heat N’ Bond. I hand stitched the cat and bird onto the fabric. I wanted the cat to look a little more camouflaged, and the bird to pop out brightly. I think I accomplished that pretty well. I used fushia thread on the bird – it’s a minor detail that’s hardly noticeable unless you’re up close.

I love the details in the fabric. Plus, the flannel is very soft and lush. I bought quite a bit of fabric when I picked up this stuff – hopefully there will be more lovely little projects to come.

Here’s what it looks like around one’s neck:


4 responses to “Cat and Bird Scarf

  1. I love the appliques! Handmade gifts are so unique.

  2. Hi
    That scarf is just lovely!
    I just wanted to let you know that I have used your crochet guy picture from your old blog and given you due credit, of course.

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