Glass Booth

I’ve been having a difficult time deciding who to vote for (like many Americans) even as the Illinois primary draws nearer each day. I found this site recently and have been enjoying playing around with it:

You start out by taking a short quiz and based on the results, shows you the candidates whose views are most closely aligned with your own. I especially like the “Explore Candidates” page where you can choose an issue and see quotes from each candidate on that topic.

I’ve heard a lot on the radio (I mostly listen to Chicago Public Radio), that people vote from a deeply personal place. I realize that that is especially true when I see the results from my Glass Booth quiz. The people who I am most closely matched with are not the people who have a good shot at winning the presidency, nor are they people who I feel I identify with in their speeches. I generally feel that I should vote for the person who best represents the issues that I hold to be most important, but I see myself voting for certain people based on how I feel when I listen to them. It’s very interesting…


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