Pretty Yarn

Here’s some lovely yarn for the wedding garter I’m working on:

The bride is a very girly-girl. Her wedding will be VERY pink. Her dress is ivory. I wanted to honor both colors, so I found this lovely Alpaca with a Twist at Chix with Stix. Chix also carries some beautiful ribbon, so I picked up the pinkest, skinniest ribbon they had. I’ve been itching to add some beads to something and thought that this garter would be a good project for it. Next door to Chix is a bead shop called Briolette, so I went in there and found these gorgeous tiny iridescent pink seed beads. Stringing them onto the lace weight yarn was easier than expected and working with them has been fun.

This next image is LONG overdue. The Fiber Fiend gave me the loveliest present for Christmas – hand spun sock yarn! The color is amazing – it has very subtle variations that I think will knit up beautifully. I’m planning on using her gorgeous pattern – Knitis Vinifera.

I bought some Colinette Jitterbug Bright Charcoal sock yarn a few months ago. During my final exam prep, I decided to cast on a new sock, since doing the heel gussets on my Jaywalkers was just more brain expenditure than I could handle at the time. I cast on a Monkey sock in honor of Cookie’s recent visit.

Very soon, I’ll post images of the awesome wedding garter – it’s turning out better than I imagined!


3 responses to “Pretty Yarn

  1. The combination of the ivory yarn and the pink beads looks really beautiful already! I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. Ooh! I like the monkey sock! I have some Jitterbug I wish I could knit up now…
    Nice leaves. =)

  3. Sounds like you have some lovely projects going!

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