Swift and ball winder have finally arrived!

I ordered a swift and ball winder from a knitting company on EBay on September 12. Despite the fact that the seller had excellent ratings (over several thousand transactions), there were still hang ups with my order. The first shipment was somehow lost. She finally got back to me on October 3 and told me that she would reship. I am VERY happy that the tool arrived this time, but I won’t lie – I’m a little dismayed that she didn’t foot the bill and pay for faster shipping. However, she did send me a pair of needles and two balls of yarn Contrasto in Gold.

Swift, ball winder

Fortunately, tonight was a knitting night – so I had an excuse to spend time playing with yarn instead of studying the nerves that make such play possible. The yarn that was used to christen the swift and baller was the lovely Foothill Yarn and Fiber’s 100% natural Oregon grown alpaca that Michael and I bought on our honeymoon.

Oregon Alpaca Using the swift/ballerAfter that, I wound a bunch of other yarn!Even more yarnMore yarn

Left: Socks that Rock in Roling Stone and Koigu KPPPM

Right (top to bottom): Berroco Zen, Mountain Colors in Lady Slipper, and Knit Picks Bare Puruvian Wool – hand dyed (by me!)

Which resulted in this lovely pile you see below:
All Wound Up


6 responses to “Swift and ball winder have finally arrived!

  1. Very nice stash! Your hand-dyed yarn looks great!

  2. Your hand-dyed looks great in a ball! I can’t wait to see what it looks like knit up! Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve wound mine up yet…

  3. Love those little yarn cakes. 🙂

    Pauline and Margit are right, your hand-dyed is gorgeous.

  4. Yarn cakes! I love it! I’m going to call them that from now on.

    I haven’t decided what to do with the hand dyed yarn yet… I’m thinking of making a felted hat. I also have some hand dyed yarn that’s more orange-toned. I might make a bag out of that.

    So many decisions!

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