The Purls Soho Purchase

At the Purls Soho fabric store, I bought Amy Butler’s the Nappy Bag pattern and some amazing fabric to make it. I first saw the pattern (and reference to Purls) on another crafty lady’s blog, but I can’t remember whose it was.

While the bag is supposed to be a diaper bag, it looks to me like the large large tote bag of my dreams. Plus, when I start having soe kids (not any time soon, mind you!), it will be at the ready.

Here’s the lovely Etsuko Furuya fabric:

Etsuko Furuya fabric 1

There are so many elements in this fabric that I fell in love with that I justified the exorbitant cost. First of all, it’s green – so it caught my eye right of the bat. Also, I am admittedly in a “bird phase” – so the little one pirched in the gorgeous leaves attracted me. As much as I don’t like spiders in my home, I really do find them gorgeous and mysterious beings. I especially like the little thread that she’s hanging from. The teal dragonfly is an especially eye-popping element that I really appreciate. It makes me smile, I won’t lie. To top it off, I love that the fabric includes three different levels: the ground covering floral scene, the canopy leaves, and the polka dots. I really do have a thing for polka dots!

Here, you can see it with the fabric I got for the interior lining of the Nappy Bag:two fabrics

I’m hoping that this will be my winter break project. I’d like to work on it sooner, but it seems that anatomy will take up woo much time.


10 responses to “The Purls Soho Purchase

  1. I love the bag! It does look like the perfect big tote — for anything.

  2. Love the fabrics you chose.

    Funny thing is, my favorite “diaper” bags have not been diaper bags at all by design. šŸ™‚

  3. That’s part of what I love about the mommy market right now. There are so many cool things that don’t at all look like they were devised for babies. I think that the only reason this bag is a “baby bag” is because that could be one of it’s many uses. It simply has a number of pockets inside – and I LOVE pockets!

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  5. As always you inspire!

  6. As always, you inspire!

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