Fetching Fingerless Mittens

Once I took my first exam, I knew that my fingers were in trouble. The exams are all computer based and the exam rooms are frigid in the summer – I can only imagine the winter I will face. Anyhow, my little hands were getting very, very cold. I had been admiring the Fetching pattern on Knitty, and I figured that avoiding frostbite was an exceptional reason to justify buying the necessary materials!


I finished the first one at Margit’s Iowa wedding reception and finished the second the day before my final microbiology exam. I am now the envy of many classmates. The men in my class are especially fascinated by the cables. They think that I’m a yarn sorceress – it’s hilarious.
They’re so comfy – I’m wearing them right now. I also wear them while I write a neverending pile of wedding thank you notes.


3 responses to “Fetching Fingerless Mittens

  1. Nice photo, and fingerless gloves. That yarn was really soft. What’s on those stamps? Or do I have to wait for my thank-you card… =)

  2. You’ll definitely see one up close and personal when your thank you note arrives. We’ve written about 60 thank yous so far. It takes forever… So I recommend that you start yours ASAP! 🙂

  3. I love those fingerless mitts. It’s great that you can knit during class. I like the way those cables keep the wrists snug while being so decorative!

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