My first adult socks: Jaywalker

I started these socks on my honeymoon back in June.

I started in Oregon:

Mt. Hood was a gorgeous area to drive through! It’s also where I went to my first alpaca farm!
Mt. Hood
Got a little more done in Wyoming: Ankle in progress
This is the lovely Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.Devil
And finally bothered to take another photo in Iowa at the Michael’s family’s farm: Heel in progress
I love the amazing double rainbow over the new barn!The Farm
I’ll admit, I was not the most dedicated knitter on that trip! Then school started and I didn’t work on the sock for months! But, have no fear – soon to come: pictures of me working on the socks in public in New York City!

Addendum: Since my wonderful friends recognized this at the Jaywalker pattern, I thought I should also include the free pattern’s link!


3 responses to “My first adult socks: Jaywalker

  1. Those socks look great! Nice pictures too. I can wait to see the socks in NYC pictures!

  2. Are those Jaywalkers? They look great!
    I dig the rainbow. That’s a big farm!

  3. They are the Jaywalker socks! I had totally forgotten the name!

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